JFK Apartments

Cambridge, MA

Tise Design Associates, Design Architect and Programming

HKT Architects and Baker/Wohl, Architects of Record

A unique round of HOPE VI funding explored aging in place in senior public housing. JFK was designated as a target site. TDA worked with existing residents to plan a dramatic transformation that split the building into both independent and assisted living components. Dwelling units were expanded by enclosing underutilized balconies, and a full kitchen and dining room were developed to support the assisted residents. JFK was a milestone project that explored delivering continuing care to public housing residents.

Originally occupied in 1963, J.F. Kennedy Apartments is the CHA’s oldest elderly housing development. It was an 83 unit high-rise apartment building. The level of distress in the building prior to revitalization was due to both physical and functional obsolescence. On the physical side, building systems had aged and were at the end of their useful life. Additionally, problems with initial design and construction of the building led to serious spalling of the concrete on the exterior of the building and corrosion of the structural steel.

Construction Info

Client - Cambridge Housing Authority 

Construction Cost - $8.6M

Date of Completion - 2008