Concord Village-Eagle Creek

Indianapolis, IN

Tise Design Associates, Master Planning and Design Team Management

Clyde E. Woods & Associates, Architect of Record

A large group of 1960s public housing townhouses, out of character with Indy's Near Westside neighborhood, proved impossible to manage and suffered from partial abandonment. Our team created a comprehensive redevelopment strategy, resulting in the first application of New Urbanist principles in the HOPE VI program. We designed new contextually appropriate, single and duplex crafts-style bungalows, built using small disadvantaged contractors, in an effort to economically empower a disenfranchised minority community.

The revitalization master plan, executed by the joint venture and approved by HUD, envisioned the complete demolition of both developments and new construction of 170 on-site and 70 off-site units on scattered sites in the surrounding neighborhood. Consistent with the objectives of the HOPE VI program, the plan sought to erase the physical and social barriers between the existing developments and the near West Side neighborhood.

Drawing on a design vernacular based on the architectural and historic fabric of the surrounding community, and the integration of social and community programs which serve both the residents and the neighborhood, the resultant master plan revitalized both developments and their host community physically, socially and economically.

Awards & Publications

AIA/BSA Housing Design Award

HUD Citation for Implementation

"Building Suburbia" Dolores Hayden, Random House 1995 

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Client - Indianapolis Housing Authority

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